Improvisation: The Dream of Freedom

An excerpt from, Disorganised Noise: A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons).

‚ÄúA great deal of free jazz is in fact random, and it is random because the organising principles, those social ideas of freedom and expressiveness and brotherhood and love, do not have the same concreteness as pitch, chord, meter, time. What the avant-garde sometimes forgot was that the first thing the Lord did was not to pronounce freedom, but to make an ordered universe out of chaos.‚ÄĚ

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Dreams: Improvisation of the Mind

‚ÄúThe purpose of music is to quiet and sober the mind, making it susceptible to the divine influences.‚ÄĚ Cage, J (1990).   Recently I’ve been having a recurring dream that¬†I am in a pool teaching individuals¬†to swim. The people I am teaching are always male, and the¬†mental image in the dream is always identical:¬†we are […]

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Why I Hate Interviews

Interviews are¬†distressing; they have made¬†me fidgety, shaky, quite unwell even – that was when I really needed a job. So what about that instance when I absolutely didn’t need the job?¬†In fact¬†last year¬†I applied for a position to work at the Venice Bienalle¬†on a whim at 10pm the night before the closing date, mostly to […]

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Written Response to my Paintings

  With painting as my medium, I have explored an array of materials and developed a fluidity in my work that would only have developed through choosing such material.¬† I chose to paint as an escape from thinking; to merely create art using only the practice itself to guide my development. As such, being directed […]

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