Basic 28/2

I wonder if I’d still be playing music if I hadn’t met the Wah Wahs. I wonder how different my life would be – what would I be doing right now instead of writing about them? Probably sleeping, it’s pretty late. I’ve had an crazy weekend and I’m in desperate need of a day off. On Friday we […]

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14/11/2016 Yesterday, people were killed throughout Paris in places of relaxation and entertainment. Today, it is impossible for me to think about anything except for that; there’s nothing else I can do apart from think, and feel. I don’t think that today is a day for analysing or for figuring out why people are the […]

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Girl Drummer

I have heard the words, “you’re a great drummer… for a girl” at almost every gig I have ever played at. Whilst I will delicately accept the compliment, with a dainty hair flick , I still can’t fucking understand why women drummers still struggle to be taken seriously. I’ll admit that I haven’t grown tired of watching our audience members open their […]

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I had an appointment regarding my Type One Diabetes this afternoon. I haven’t been taking care of myself since coming back to Dundee after Christmas, and according to my facial expression the consultant knew this straight away. I have gradually been feeling worse over the last few weeks. I was getting thirstier; my breath was smelling “acidic” (this […]

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Karma 30/11

We strolled down to Balgay Park one chilly November morning to take photographs as a band.  Whilst waiting for our photographer (Ahmed) to arrive at the scene we mucked around with the camera and such, however as an hour ticked on in the bitter cold (and our ‘photographer’ still hadn’t appeared) our feet began to grow numb and our optimism levels were declining, much like the […]

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#hero 16/2/16

  Dr. Alan put his medical skills into action for the first time when we were playing music in the flat . Mindlessly, Jiggy shrugged at what was happening outside. ‘Someone’s decked it.’ We looked outside and people were beginning to crowd around the man lying on the pavement. Alan raced down the stairs to take a […]

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