#hero 16/2/16


Dr. Alan put his medical skills into action for the first time when we were playing music in the flat .

Mindlessly, Jiggy shrugged at what was happening outside. ‘Someone’s decked it.’

We looked outside and people were beginning to crowd around the man lying on the pavement. Alan raced down the stairs to take a look. He was out for ages; his ready meal was getting cold and it was getting dark. I texted Ahmed and mentioned that someone had fallen over and could be seriously injured. When Alan came back up he explained that it was a hit and run car incident and that he was fine but Alan had waited with them until an ambulance arrived.


According to Ahmed, when he visited the flat later and mentioned the incident, Alan didn’t want to talk¬†about it. Perhaps he was shaken up from using his skills outside a hospital for the first time. (Side note: when we told Moeez about the event, he didn’t understand why we thought it was strange that Alan was so shaken. We later found out that this¬†was because he thought we meant it was a ‘hit and run’ gun shooting, not a car crash.)


Today was interesting¬†because just a few hours before the incident, we were talking about the future. You¬†showed little interest in becoming a doctor. You explained that if you graduate (which you¬†don’t plan to if our ‘big break’ comes along), you “guess” you¬†will just become a surgeon or go into to teaching. ¬†I said to you that I see you as a musician more than a¬†medic. You agreed, and yet when you ran to take care of that person, there was an urgency in your¬†face that screamed to me that you¬†will be doing this in the future.


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