Karma 30/11


We strolled down to Balgay Park one chilly November morning to take photographs as a
band.  Whilst waiting for our photographer (Ahmed) to arrive at the scene we mucked around with the camera and such, however as an hour ticked on in the bitter cold (and our ‘photographer’ still hadn’t appeared) our feet began to grow numb and our optimism levels were imagedeclining, much like the camera’s battery life, which wasn’t coping well in the wintry weather. Alan eventually received a phone call from Ahmed to tell us that he was lost. Alan, with out another word, ran off to find the man of the hour.



Just as Alan was a mere speck in the distance, Sam spotted Ahmed casually crossing the bridge adjacent to the path Alan had disappeared down.

Ahmed is renowned for his slow and casual gait, and I hope you can imagine the disgust which briefly passed over our faces when he stopped to lazily raise his hand to wave at us. At his own leisure, he reached the end of the bridge and approached another obstacle.

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Despite his grazed elbow, Ahmed did a fine job at picturing us, including the icicles dripping from our noses.




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