The Drawer, The Doctor, the Dentist and the Dick

imageOur band, The Wah Wahs fully formed in the summer of 2015, debuting our first gig as a 4 in Laings (come to think of it,¬†Jiggy wasn’t there). ¬†I started level two of Fine Art at DJCAD the following September, and ¬†six months and fortysomething gigs on, I have decided to start documenting my life, which I’ve realised is probably at least 70% Wah Wahs. The aim of this blog is to provide a clearer explanation to my art, benefiting both myself and my tutors. Perhaps it will also give you an account first hand¬†of¬†living life as a¬†rockstar…in timagehe up and coming.

I¬†met Alan and Jiggy¬†during¬†winter of last year through a mutual friend whom I met at “diabetes camp” (yes, it’s a real thing). ¬†Sam joined us in the summer of 2015 and the four¬†of us that¬†are¬†known as ‘The Wah Wahs’ have built up a strong following in Dundee. We have improved as performers, writers and at tolerating one another.

Alan and Jiggy originally befriended¬†me with¬†the aim to perform¬†at an event organised by the Youth Music Initiative (or “YMI”). We had rehearsals every Monday with our tutor, ¬†‘Lefty’, a¬†talented and celebrated musician in Dundee who runs an open mic which we attend regularly. The “YMI” experience involved¬†our own¬†professional photoshoot; a full day of recording¬†one of our¬†original songs; as well as playing with experienced session musicians. The whole experience ended with a bang: a competition against other young musicians based¬†in and around Dundee¬†at the Gardyne Theatre. Ultimately, we never did find out who the winner was (speculation is¬†that it was not us), but we came¬†away with 100 copies of a CD featuring our song which we had grown to hate.






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