The Drawer, The Doctor, the Dentist and the Dick

imageOur band, The Wah Wahs fully formed in the summer of 2015, debuting our first gig as a 4 in Laings (come to think of it, Jiggy wasn’t there).  I started level two of Fine Art at DJCAD the following September, and  six months and fortysomething gigs on, I have decided to start documenting my life, which I’ve realised is probably at least 70% Wah Wahs. The aim of this blog is to provide a clearer explanation to my art, benefiting both myself and my tutors. Perhaps it will also give you an account first hand of living life as a rockstar…in timagehe up and coming.

I met Alan and Jiggy during winter of last year through a mutual friend whom I met at “diabetes camp” (yes, it’s a real thing).  Sam joined us in the summer of 2015 and the four of us that are known as ‘The Wah Wahs’ have built up a strong following in Dundee. We have improved as performers, writers and at tolerating one another.

Alan and Jiggy originally befriended me with the aim to perform at an event organised by the Youth Music Initiative (or “YMI”). We had rehearsals every Monday with our tutor,  ‘Lefty’, a talented and celebrated musician in Dundee who runs an open mic which we attend regularly. The “YMI” experience involved our own professional photoshoot; a full day of recording one of our original songs; as well as playing with experienced session musicians. The whole experience ended with a bang: a competition against other young musicians based in and around Dundee at the Gardyne Theatre. Ultimately, we never did find out who the winner was (speculation is that it was not us), but we came away with 100 copies of a CD featuring our song which we had grown to hate.






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