Wah Wah Wah

Our no. 1 single “The Boat”. Available on YMI 2 CD (only 50 copies available) priced at ¬£5.

Centered¬†around creativity and songwriting, The Wah Wah’s aim is to produce modern rock and roll music which has our own distinct feel whilst emulating the energy and ambition of the great artists of the past.

The four members met by way of fortune whilst studying at the University of Dundee, with the band fully forming in 2015.
The first two members, Jiggy and Alan immediately connected over a shared passion for older music and since meeting have been writing and performing live prolifically.
Annie was the next to join, a talented jazz drummer for the University’s Big Band. She was found through a mutual friend and has produced a number of artworks for The Wah Wah’s as well as providing her distinct style of percussion.
The last member, Sam, moved from Glasgow to Dundee to play in the band after a fortuitous jam session. An excellent bassist with a strong drive to succeed and creative vision, he’s proved a key asset to the line-up.

Live performance is an integral part of the band and where we are all most comfortable. Each of us plays a number of instruments and are happy to share vocal responsibilities to best suit each song. This gives us flexibility to provide an engaging and visceral live experience while also ensuring we get the best out of each track in our set.

We feel that the music being released today, especially to a commercially viable level, has become a little stagnant and distracted with not enough emphasis on songwriting. More and more people seem to be chasing the sale rather than the song. We’d like to chase both.

The Wah Wah’s

Alan – Frontman and Rhythm Guitar
Jiggy – Lead Guitar
Sam – Bass Guitar
Annie – Percussion
All – Vocals
All – Piano

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