Yesterday, people were killed throughout Paris in places of relaxation and entertainment.

Today, it is impossible for me to think about anything except for that; there’s nothing else I can do apart from think, and feel.

I don’t think that today is a day for analysing or for figuring out why people are the way they are. Today is just a day of emotions. Sad; fear; anger – whatever is appropriate.

We all want to analyse last night; we want to figure out where behaviours come from. We live in a world where immediately we want to say, “if only we had been the way we should have been, this wouldn’t have happened,”  But there’s nothing useful in these words. There’s nothing useful I can say – you don’t respond to hatred with hatred- and it’s hard not to think about the effects this will have on a global scale. Right now however, I think it’s best that we think about those who risked their lives; those who have lost others, and those who have been lost.



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