update 5/6/16

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged since my portfolio hand-in date.

Things I wish for my small but dedicated following (that’s right mum, you) to know:

  • I obtained a grade B for my body of artwork that I submitted
  • I obtained an A for the two essays I submitted (goddammit)
  • I’m currently stuck in Dundee with Alan and Jiggy (soon to be only Alan for a month).
  • I’ve had two mojitos and a glassĀ of wine on this beautiful evening
  • I’m currently listening to a combination of The Wah Wahs, Nina Simone and a 4hero song on repeat, trying to find the inspiration to write my own song.
  • Tomorrow I’m moving into my new flat. I have one suitcase of clothes and a home bargains bag full of important shampoos, fox printed cushions and a (devil) pug ornament
  • I got a job for the summer which allows me to affordĀ livingĀ in the magical Dee until my student loan starts again
  • I am feeling hormonal.
  • I was disheartened by the DJCAD Degree Show this year due to the lack of painters, but enjoyed my visits none the less
  • My iPad doesn’t allow me to upload pictures so I apologise this post which is even more boring than my other posts.
  • My days are made infinitely better thanks to the constant support from my friends and family. God, I’m so dramatic.

I recently spent two days showing my closest friend from Dundee my hometown. During our time together we climbed numerous hills behind my town and its neighbours, which inspired my mind to fabricateĀ a mysterious post apocalyptic world in which the only survivors are sheep and wolves.

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