Whimsical People: 7/11/16

15174541_1263222603735270_289657929_nI’m not a great blog writer. I am throwing the term ‘art’ around as an excuse to explain my shitty writing, however I think it is because I am trying to express my thoughts lightly over things which are actually very important to me.

I am finally beginning to call myself an ‘artist’ as opposed to an ‘art student,’and, thank god, I’m halfway through my degree!  I think it is clear, if you had met me last year, that my general opinion on the Dundee Music Scene has not always been positive; reading through this blog it is clear that I’ve had my share of both amazing and not so amazing experiences in Dundee.  I put this down to the fact that I am a female and was determined to find out if other women in the community have had the same experiences I have had.

I plan to produce a 3 minute video which films the performance by a group of female musicians based in and around Dundee.   I am writing a high-energy song with an uplifting melody that with lyrics that express enthusiasm towards all women in the music industry. On a microscale, the work will celebrate and glorify women from the Dundee Music Scene, and on a macroscale highlight the issue of the lack of females in the music industry.

This semester I have been interviewing a number of female musicians from Dundee, some of whom are new to the scene and others who have played in Dundee for several decades.  The informal interviews have given me a deeper insight into the women’s lives and how living and playing n Dundee has affected them.

me on drums

Looking back over everything, it is so obvious that my art has been influenced over everything that has happened in Dundee. I transformed from an excitable art student who struggled to be taken seriously as a female musician, into an insecure girl who did not feel like she belonged in either The Wah Wahs or the art school, and then finally someone who was proud to call herself an artist.   I hand-wrote a scrapbook covering my journey as a musician and how it affected my life in the art school. When I uncovered it last week it was exciting to see a visual map of how I have developed since starting life in Dundee. p1020347



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