Painting Music: Rhythm in Art

‘Talking to artists is like embarking on voyages of discovery’ – Richard Cork



I was privileged to interview five very talented musicians and collected over 20,000 words worth of conversation. The semester was mostly research based so, whilst I could not achieve the highest grade due to the lack of resolved work, I feel that there was impressive depth and scope which leaves me with a huge amount of possibilities for the future. Although it was not my intention, the focus of my work shifted from the “art” I could achieve with the musicians to what “music” I  could achieve. (This was probably due to the sheer excitement at the prospect of getting to work with them, and partially because i wanted to impress them.) The work I produced was of a high musical standard, but the visual side didn’t match up. It showed a split between music and visual art practice, therefore I need to work towards how I can connect music to a visual outcome.  I can achieve this through image, text, installation or performance. I’d be keen to incorporate  all of these into my art, and key phrases from the transcripts of the interviews can contribute towards sound/text/image.

“Whimsical People” – written by myself and Alan for the female musicians to perform


Aim and Ambition (Jan-April)

I aim to complete my intentions from last semester by getting the women to record the song with me (after I complete my Sound Masterclass next week) and then continue to plan the performance ready to record over a day in February/March. By March I should have the completed video ready to be watched on a television and then can start designing the setting in which the video will played. I want the setting to be shrine-like, completely glorifying these musicians. I can take elements from the Painting expansive module which took up two to three days a week last semester, using bleach and ink to mimic a rich gold which will be the primary colour in the shrine.


Week Commencing:

  • 16th Jan – Research
  • 23rd Jan – write other instruments for song (bass, keys, drums) and send to musicians
  • 30th Jan – Sound masterclass
  • 6th Feb – organise a date to record with musicians

By end of Feb – finish video
By end of March – begin designing installation (shrine)
By end of April – set up for assessment



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