Improvisation: The Dream of Freedom

An excerpt from, Disorganised Noise: A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons).

‚ÄúA great deal of free jazz is in fact random, and it is random because the organising principles, those social ideas of freedom and expressiveness and brotherhood and love, do not have the same concreteness as pitch, chord, meter, time. What the avant-garde sometimes forgot was that the first thing the Lord did was not to pronounce freedom, but to make an ordered universe out of chaos.‚ÄĚ

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Why I Hate Interviews

Interviews are¬†distressing; they have made¬†me fidgety, shaky, quite unwell even – that was when I really needed a job. So what about that instance when I absolutely didn’t need the job?¬†In fact¬†last year¬†I applied for a position to work at the Venice Bienalle¬†on a whim at 10pm the night before the closing date, mostly to […]

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Painting Music: Rhythm in Art

‘Talking to artists is like embarking on voyages of discovery’ –¬†Richard Cork 23/1/17 Reflection I was privileged to interview five very talented musicians and¬†collected over 20,000 words worth of conversation. The semester was mostly research based so, whilst I could not achieve the highest grade due to the lack of resolved¬†work, I feel that there […]

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Whimsical People: 7/11/16

I’m not a great blog writer. I am throwing the term ‘art’ around¬†as an excuse to explain my shitty writing, however I think it is because I am trying to express my thoughts lightly over things which¬†are actually very important to me. I am finally beginning to call myself an ‘artist’ as opposed to an […]

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Two people from our year have been offered an opportunity to work at the Venice Biennalle for a month in 2017. This involves working alongside¬†the prestigious Scottish artist Rachel McLean. My application:   I first encountered Rachel MacLean last year and I, endearingly, described her videos and photography as garish, almost manic. Her work is […]

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