Why I Hate Interviews

Interviews are distressing; they have made me fidgety, shaky, quite unwell even – that was when I really needed a job. So what about that instance when I absolutely didn’t need the job? In fact last year I applied for a position to work at the Venice Bienalle on a whim at 10pm the night before the closing date, mostly to […]

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Two people from our year have been offered an opportunity to work at the Venice Biennalle for a month in 2017. This involves working alongside the prestigious Scottish artist Rachel McLean. My application:   I first encountered Rachel MacLean last year and I, endearingly, described her videos and photography as garish, almost manic. Her work is […]

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La Vie Boheme

  Last night I watched Rent with Alan and Jiggy. The musical about AIDS-afflicted and drug addicted artists has both scandalised and inspired my artistic self. But where does my addiction to Rent stem?  Rent is a christmas play; it begins on Christmas Eve and ends on Christmas Eve a year later. It is fitting, therefore, […]

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Karma 30/11

We strolled down to Balgay Park one chilly November morning to take photographs as a band.  Whilst waiting for our photographer (Ahmed) to arrive at the scene we mucked around with the camera and such, however as an hour ticked on in the bitter cold (and our ‘photographer’ still hadn’t appeared) our feet began to grow numb and our optimism levels were declining, much like the […]

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#hero 16/2/16

  Dr. Alan put his medical skills into action for the first time when we were playing music in the flat . Mindlessly, Jiggy shrugged at what was happening outside. ‘Someone’s decked it.’ We looked outside and people were beginning to crowd around the man lying on the pavement. Alan raced down the stairs to take a […]

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