Why I Hate Interviews

Interviews are¬†distressing; they have made¬†me fidgety, shaky, quite unwell even – that was when I really needed a job. So what about that instance when I absolutely didn’t need the job?¬†In fact¬†last year¬†I applied for a position to work at the Venice Bienalle¬†on a whim at 10pm the night before the closing date, mostly to […]

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Two people from our year have been offered an opportunity to work at the Venice Biennalle for a month in 2017. This involves working alongside¬†the prestigious Scottish artist Rachel McLean. My application:   I first encountered Rachel MacLean last year and I, endearingly, described her videos and photography as garish, almost manic. Her work is […]

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La Vie Boheme

  Last night I watched Rent with Alan and Jiggy. The musical about AIDS-afflicted and drug addicted artists has both scandalised and inspired my artistic self. But where¬†does my addiction to Rent stem? ¬†Rent is a christmas play; it begins on Christmas Eve and ends on Christmas Eve a year later. It is fitting, therefore, […]

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Karma 30/11

We strolled down¬†to Balgay Park one chilly¬†November¬†morning¬†for a band photo-shoot.¬† Whilst waiting for our photographer¬†(Ahmed) to arrive¬†at the scene¬†we played around with the camera, however as an hour ticked on in the bitter cold, our ‘photographer’¬†still hadn’t appeared…

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