Whimsical People: 7/11/16

I’m not a great blog writer. I am throwing the term ‘art’ around¬†as an excuse to explain my shitty writing, however I think it is because I am trying to express my thoughts lightly over things which¬†are actually very important to me. I am finally beginning to call myself an ‘artist’ as opposed to an […]

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Girl Drummer

I have heard the¬†words, “you’re a great drummer… for a girl” at almost every gig I have¬†ever played at. Whilst I will delicately accept the compliment, with a dainty hair flick ,¬†I still can’t fucking understand¬†why¬†women drummers still struggle to be taken seriously.¬†I’ll admit that I haven’t grown tired of watching our audience members¬†open their […]

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