Why I Hate Interviews

Interviews are¬†distressing; they have made¬†me fidgety, shaky, quite unwell even – that was when I really needed a job. So what about that instance when I absolutely didn’t need the job?¬†In fact¬†last year¬†I applied for a position to work at the Venice Bienalle¬†on a whim at 10pm the night before the closing date, mostly to […]

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Written Response to my Paintings

  With painting as my medium, I have explored an array of materials and developed a fluidity in my work that would only have developed through choosing such material.¬† I chose to paint as an escape from thinking; to merely create art using only the practice itself to guide my development. As such, being directed […]

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update 5/6/16

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged since my portfolio hand-in date. Things I wish for my small but dedicated following (that’s right mum, you) to know: I obtained a grade B for my body of artwork that I submitted I obtained an A for the two essays I submitted (goddammit) I’m currently […]

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No longer *that* Basic 14/04

So maybe I over-exaggerated. It’s been a whole *wow* two months since, in my¬†self-loathing I wrote that¬†‘I’ll never be a real Wah¬†Wah’ article. I’ll be real with you, loyal reader. I’ve been totally inactive as far as blogging goes. (Apologies, sweet reader. My sweet, single¬†reader.) It’s even been a struggle to find motivation to paint, […]

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14/11/2016 Yesterday, people were killed throughout Paris in places of relaxation and entertainment. Today, it is impossible for me to think about anything except for that; there’s nothing else I can do apart from think, and feel. I don’t think that today is a day for analysing or for figuring out why people are the […]

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